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Precise Calculator 2.9 - preccalc-64bit.zip,   preccalc-32bit.zip,   preccalc-console.zip,   C++, Assembler source code screenshots 5/10/2024
You can adjust precision of this calculator (for example to 10000 significant digits). It knows all usual mathematical functions, statistical functions, prime numbers, PI, matrices, complex numbers, fractions, integral and it is programmable (variables, commands if, goto, print, return, ...).
Precise Calculator examples: Statistics, Geometry, Algebra, Programming
HotkeyP 4.10 - hotkeyp.zip,   64-bit version,   C++ source code screenshot 5/28/2023
You can assign a keyboard shortcut or a mouse shortcut to any executable file, document, folder or WWW page. You can also use all multimedia keys, the fourth and fifth mouse buttons and a remote control (if you install WinLIRC). Other commands are: change keys in other applications, shutdown, restart, lock computer, start a screen saver, change the desktop resolution, set window opacity, audio volume, set process priorities, terminate applications, eject CD, set CD speed, show disk free space, empty the recycle bin, delete temporary files, change desktop wallpaper, save/restore desktop icons positions, minimize any application to the system tray, hide window, change window transparency, zoom tool, screenshot to BMP file, set window always on top, paste date/time or any text, ... More information can be found in the HotkeyP help.
Tiny Player 2.8.4 - tinyplay.zip,   C++ source code screenshot 6/1/2021
The player uses DirectShow technology, so it can play all audio and video files. Codecs and filters are not included in this package, I recommend to install FFDShow. User interface is not skinable, but you can customize colors and playlist font. The player can read ID3/Ogg/APE/WMA tags, but cannot modify them. It supports Unicode tags and UTF-8 freedb records. You can change all keyboard accelerators, audio buffer length, playlist columns, subtitles font, playback speed, CD drive speed, file extensions association. Useful functions: oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer visualization, local and remote freedb, CD-TEXT, equalizer.
Robot KAREL 4.2 - karelWin.zip,   C++ source code screenshot 9/6/2011
programming language for children. The robot knows commands step, left, right, pick, put, paint, delay. You can use integer variables, multidimensional arrays, arithmetic and logic operators, procedures and functions with parameters.
The application includes a text editor, compiler, interpreter and debugger. Its environment is similar to Borland Pascal. The text editor can copy, paste, find, replace, undo, redo, indent ...
Screen saver - moving circles 1.4 - kruhy.zip 5/24/2002
The circles have random colors and sizes. They bounce against each other.
Magic squares - magic4x4.zip screenshot 10/1/1999
Numbers 1 to 16 are placed inside a square 4x4, so that rows, colums and diagonals have the same sum. The program finds 880 squares.
Chess knight - kun.zip screenshot 1/16/2003
The knight has to jump through all chess squares (each square only once). The program is started from the command line and its paramters are width and height of the board. Results are saved to a file.
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